Sunday School

Sunday School

What is Sunday School? Perhaps you’re familiar with small groups. Sunday School, akin to a small group, offers a remarkable opportunity to foster connections with like-minded individuals, building authentic relationships that promote and support your walk with God. Through Sunday School, we are known, loved, encouraged, and challenged to be more like Christ, provide an opportunity to meet new people in a small group setting and grow deeper in your faith.

Prayer is an integral part of our Sunday School classes. Each teacher emphasizes the significance of prayer, catering to various age groups. From teaching children how to pray to uplifting one another through intercessory prayer, we encompass prayer in our curriculum. Furthermore, we compile a church prayer list, encompassing the prayer requests shared during Adult Sunday School classes. This list is readily available for you to peruse at home, enabling you to continue praying over these requests.

We wholeheartedly invite you to join one of our Sunday School classes! Below, you will find detailed descriptions of our classes, helping you find the perfect fit for your spiritual journey.

Sunday School is at 9:30 AM but come a few minutes early and enjoy a time of fellowship!

Classes Available

Children's Classes


Our nursery is open during the Sunday School hour for any child 5 years old and under.  Our volunteers will care for and engage with children in our cozy nursery while parents attend one of our adult classes.

K-5th Grade

The Children’s Sunday School class focuses on creating a biblical foundation that students can build upon as they grow.  Students will study a new bible passage weekly, learning about how it fits into God’s big story.  Students will also engage in hands-on activities that will help them to apply biblical principles to their lives as they seek to know, love and follow Jesus.

Youth Classes

Youth (6th Grade-12th Grade)

The Youth Sunday School class is Level Three in our Youth Ministry. In this class we talk about different apologetic ideas or current events in the Christian world. The main part of the class is exegetical Bible teaching where we go verse by verse through a passage. The Sunday School portion of the Youth program is the most straight forward biblical teaching of the three areas in which we minister to our youth.

Adult Classes

Young Ladies Class (18-40 years old)

The Young Ladies Sunday School Class offers an engaging and interactive learning environment, centered around discussions, to foster the spiritual growth of its students. By actively participating in this class, students can deepen their connection with their faith and strengthen their spiritual journey.

Co-Ed Class

The Co-Ed Sunday School class is a discussion led class. We use the Lifeway material to supplement God’s Word and to focus on the everyday life application of God’s Word.

Path Finders

We started out as a couples class but have branched out to allow any adult who wants to study with us join our Sunday School class! Our class is a serious Bible Study taking a look at the Word of God and is a time for us to fellowship with fellow believers in Christ.

Women’s Class

The Women’s Sunday School class is filled with ladies of all ages who gather on Sunday morning to study God’s word, share joys and sorrows, and learn to love one another as we grow closer to being like Jesus. Come and join us…there is always room for one more!